Goodness and such.

Wanted to pop in for a quick adoption update.

  • this week we received our official APPROVED home study reports! Eeeeeek!
  • today, we received our APPROVAL for the consultants we will be using! Eeeeeek!
  • Next steps are to finalize our profile book that will be presented to birth moms and then start presenting. Also included in those same next steps are applying for grants, praying for a miracle of financing, and meeting with our consultant next week and getting officially signed on with them.

We could desperately use some prayers! This process is whittling down my pride and forcing me to ask for help. I like to pretend I've got everything under control, but this process can ONLY be driven by God.

Specifically, we need prayers for a few things:

  • let's all pray together for our precious birth mom. while we don't know her and haven't been picked, God knows her. I pray for her courage, emotions, and wise decisions while carrying our baby.
  • FINANCES. y'all, this is the most overwhelming part. adoption is ridiculously expensive and there's no way in my power that we'll ever get the money. This is truly where God gets to show out. So please pray that the funding will come. I know it will :)

I'm just so excited to be on this journey. It seems so close, yet so far at the same time. And yes, we have names picked out, but I'll let you all in on them when the time comes.

So - please pray! Thank you, thank you, thank you.