girl got a car!

eight years. that is the amount of time that chris and i have SHARED one car. one car. two adults. two jobs. and somehow we've made it work all these years. but alas, the time finally came where we just couldn't logistically make it work anymore. we now work in two different directions and the days i'm at home, i'm stuck there for hours on end.

for the last few years, my sanity has been slowly slipping away lol. three years ago we moved to texas and that's when i started working from home. the good news was that the church where chris worked was right down the road, so we could work out me having the car if i needed it. then we moved back to georgia, and it became just a little more complicated. then the move back to atlanta is what got us. it was the first time we had not lived super close to one of our jobs. so i was stuck at home all day without even the option of leaving if i wanted to. no errands at lunch time. no gym. no grocery shopping. everything revolved around chris's schedule, which made it feel very controlling....even though he is the least controlling person in the world.

so, last night we thought it was time to finally be real adults and we bought me a new car. i'm so excited i can't stand it. i mean honestly, i even woke up and put a bra on this morning. that almost never happens! just having the option to go somewhere if i wanted to makes all the difference in my mood. sometimes you just gotta grab the bull by the horns and take the necessary steps to make life worthwhile, and that's just what we did.