Friday Favorite - Project Life App

Early last year I discovered Becky Higgins Project Life scrapbooking line. It's the most perfect and happy scrapbooking alternative to those of us that just don't have the time to sit and cut out paper and make pretty things. And trust me, I used to be one of those, but got SO far behind on my scrap books because I just didn't have the time. I am more than obsessed with Project Life...and let's be honest, I love the copy cats too.

But then the awesomeness exploded with the Project Life App. IMG_0342


All those photos I have on my phone? Yep, I can just go ahead and create my whole page with them and order it right from my phone. Game changer y'all.

I just ordered this one from Christmas. And yes, I totally also misspelled my precious nephew's name and didn't notice until I had already submitted for printing. I'll just order a new one lol.


And this one from IF:Gathering. The awesome part is that all of the kits you buy at the store are also available on the app. So if I already have an album going, I can use the same theme. AND there are a bajillion layout options too. Honestly obsessed here.IMG_0341And since it's Friday, and we love Fridays, I just couldn't NOT tell you about this little gem.

Now go download yours!

***This post is completely my own opinion - I was in no way endorsed for this post. I just love the product.***