Fragmented Friday

that's what i like to call it when i have nothing worth dedicating a whole post to, so here's just a few of the random things i'm thinking through today.

so i joined a 3 months ago. i've only been, oh, maybe 3 times. waste. of. money. so i had this grandiose plan to tell them i was moving in with my dad (an hour and a half away and the only way out of my membership). those jokers want a copy of a lease agreement, a utility bill, a copy of my drivers license with the new addy, etc. practically a first born child! so i guess i'm not the only one who has tried to pull this move. i guess i'm gonna have to actually start going now. gross.

i mentioned earlier this week that i started a bootcamp. monday was the first night and i was super duper sore. but i pushed through and wednesday was a little easier. so i'm actually excited about tonight. i've already lost a couple of pounds just in a couple of days. it's amazing what a 25 minute workout can do! well that and the fact that i've cut myself off from taco bueno.

i've been super duper in the mood for crafting, yet i don't do it. it's time. it really is. i need some crafting for my soul!

have you ever heard of #SheReadsTruth? It's an awesome bible reading plan with all kinds of awesome blogger ladies! i started a couple of weeks ago and i love it. they have a reading plan on the youversion bible app that i use, so it prompts me each day with my reading. we're in colossians for the next couple of weeks. you totes need to check it out!

i've got some exciting things happening in the next few weeks, one of which is flying home to GA to see my peeps for a week. i adore texas, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss my people.

this weekend holli and i are going junkin. you know, just a typical saturday for us. i'm pretty confident that i'm going to be kicked out of my house if i bring home another thing! for instance, last week i brought home a ginormous spool of lace ribbon. when asked what i was going to do with it, my answer, as usual, is something along the lines of  " i don't know, i'll craft something" to which i bring your attention above where i said i need to craft. i keep buying crap but making nothing. story of my life.

ok, well i think that's plenty of mindless random thoughts.
friends do me a favor and enjoy your weekend!