Fragmented Friday

i kind of like this little routine i've got of randomness....
what fragments are running through your head today?

  • i DESPISE the new commercials for pregnancy tests. you know, the ones where people are happy they're pregnant or the ones where people are happy they're not.
  • so i've mentioned before just how hilarious i think i am! well apparently there is one person in the world who agrees with me hahaha. a couple of weeks ago i was on a rant about bootcamp and possibly punching any skinny girl that tells me how fat she is. the guy behind the counter was cracking up and said my humor reminded him of melissa mccarthy. well ok. btw, did you know she's jenny mccarthy's cuz?

  • i'm totally obsessed with glitter shoes. i do not own any, but i want lots. there are some sperry's out right now that are leopard and sequins. i die. i told chris i wanted them for christmas. i don't think he realizes how serious i am about this.
  • while we're talking obsessions, i have a real love for burlap. i'm pretty sure it's on the verge of being unhealthy.
  • i pretty much hate confrontation or less than perfect situations. so i end up trying to avoid the issues....which always makes things worse. always.
  • i'm in need of a nose ring, stat. asap. right now. and let's go ahead and throw in a tattoo while we're at it. not on my nose, though. perhaps my wrist.
  • you should know by now that i'm obsessed with anything french. except snails. but every day i watch french food at home on the cooking channel. i love the music that plays while she cooks. so i'm thinking that one day i want to have a french dinner party and cook all french-like. with theme music. oh yes, i like this idea a lot. it shall happen.
  • chris and i are desperately trying to determine vacation for next year. every ounce of my being wants tomorrow, but i'm pretty positive that's not in the budget. we've been to nyc, we do the beach every year. we get plenty of heat in texas, so i'm thinking somewhere cooler in the summer. where is that friends? i'd love to go to cali or washington, but again, i'm pretty sure that's not in the budget. why? why can't i just have a vacation fund that someone else replenishes?