First Things First Fun

I'm linking up with my blog buddy Halie for a fun link up she does each week called First Things First.

The Topics:
1st magazine subscription
1st piece of real jewelry
1st time you stayed home alone

ok so let's talk about magazines.
i wish i could be cool and say it was seventeen or something remotely trendy.
but no, not me.
i'm pretty sure my first magazine subscription was Ranger Rick.
it was a racoon (ranger rick) and it was all about nature.
picture national geographic on a very elementary level.
lots of fun pictures and neat stories about animals.

moving on to the jewels.
i believe i was 4 when my granny bought me a ring from service merchandise. anyone remember those stores?
it had the most tiny diamond in the middle, but i considered it an engagement ring.
i'm pretty sure i thought i was engaged to country singer randy travis.
don't judge...he was a lot different 25 years ago haha!
no, seriously, i was convinced i was going to marry him...that's a story for a different day.
i still have that little ring to pass on to my little girl (hopefully) one day.

home alone.
i don't really remember the first time i stayed home alone.
i think i was around 11 or 12, and it was just for a couple of hours.
as a general rule, and this holds true today, all doors were locked and windows closed. i would hide if anyone came to the door. such a baby.
still am!