Happy Monday blogger world!
I am so completely excited because I finally finished the editing of photos from my brother's wedding! I'm feeling much better now. I forced myself to make a 1 week turnaround all to save 9 whole dollars! I mean really, it wasn't worth all the late nights for $9, but oh well - they're done! And ordered! And now just waiting for delivery!
Overall I was pleased with how everything turned out. I had a few minor techincal difficulties with my camera. It wasn't my camera's fault. Just some lighting issues. But I think I've got a pretty good finished product!
Now I'm resting up because I've got a big wedding at the end of this month. I'm heading to see the venue next Saturday and I'm super excited!
You can see more of the photos by clicking HERE.

And in other news, Chris got a job! Praise the Lord! It's pretty much his dream job with his dream boss, so I'm really excited. It's amazing how everything always works out with a purpose.

Ok, and remeber a couple of weeks ago I was going to start reading So Long Insecurity? Well I didn't get the book until this weekend, so I'm starting it today.

That's really about all in my somewhat boring life at the moment.