Finish This

Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with a few bloggy peeps today for Finish This!
You should totally play along.
When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to - 
well it depends on the issue. Used to be my momma, but since she's not here anymore i delegate lol. sometimes my aunt, my granny, my bffs....but ultimately, as cliche as it sounds, mostly i turn to God. He's the end all be all.

My next challenge is figuring out - 
 - how to really embrace and determine God's plan for my life.
 - what's next in this hateful game of infertility

I shake things up - 
hmmm....shaking things up. as a general rule i'm a pretty low key rule follower. but i guess chris and i shake things up with our yearly moves! we really should just invest in an RV!

High heels are - 
well, i kind of love them. but i rarely go places to wear them these days, so they just look pretty in my closet. however, as cute as they are, the KILL my feet. so when i do wear them it has to be well thought out (and there's usually a pair of flats in my purse as back up).