Family Goodness

So this Thanksgiving was pretty much one of the best I've EVER had. IMG_0077

It was just a little bit special ;) My dad and step-mom came in on Wednesday afternoon and it was so good to see them. We went to dinner with my inlaws and showed them around our cute little town.


Then Thursday was the big day. My first ever Thanksgiving feast! Don't worry...I will be devoting a whole post to the meal. It deserves it. My brother Cody, Christie and the kids, all came up Thursday afternoon and everyone settled in for yummy goodness.


My house was full of the BEST baby giggles, play time and just all around goodness. A few of us headed out Thursday night for a little black Friday shopping and then we were back home in plenty of time for pies and a movie.


Friday morning we all got up, got dressed and headed out for some OVERDUE family photos. Granted, I was missing a couple of brothers and families, but it was fun nonetheless. Everyone did so good with picture time! And of course Cove was over the moon that we were right by the train tracks.


After family photos, we loaded up and headed out for some grub. One of our favorite Texas food chains is a place called Chuy's. Well, there just so happens to be one in my 'hood, so that's where we dashed off to. Happy bellies ensued.


Next stop on the tour was Woodstock Market, which is my favorite junking store. You never know what you'll see that needs to come home with you!


Afterwards, we headed home for the babies to get in a nap. Pretty sure grandma and grandpa snuck one in too. While the sleepy heads danced with sugar plums, the rest of us went to see the final Hunger Games movie. And then it was back home for leftovers for dinner.


I'm not quite sure I can put into words just how full my heart was when everyone left. There was something special about having my tribe (or at least part of it) here with me. Thirteen years ago I flew to Colorado on Thanksgiving to meet my dad, step-mom, and brothers for the very first time. I'm so glad I did. We've come a long way in the last 13 years and this crew means the absolute world to me.

IMG_0264 copy