Fall, Birthdays, and Christmas!

Oh happy, happy September to my fav-o-rite peeps!
So many fabulous things to talk to you about today!
Let's just go ahead and get started:

*I love September. It is the month of Fall (my most favorite season of ALL time). It is also MY BIRTHDAY month and Chris' too! I'll be turning the big 2-7 and well, Chris is the great big 2-9! I'm not sure I like this "late-twenties" thing.

*I bought Chris the most fabulous birthday gift which I cannot share with you at this time because he reads my blog and well that would just spoil everything (that was a run on sentence in my head, therefore I felt that no punctuation was needed).

*Fall only means one thing: Christmas is right around the corner!!!!! That's right, I said it. I know you don't want to think about it yet, but you must!

*And this my friends is where you come in! I have a dilemma. See, last year I made the ever fabulous Joy Bottles for Chris' family as their gifts. I have set the bar high. Everyone loved them. Therefore, I must find some equally creative gift to make and give this year! Eeek! I'm drawing a blank. AND I HAVE to get started on them early this year because the all nighter I pulled last year will not work again. So that's one problem.

*The other problem, which is really the same as the last, is that we're going on a trip with my dad and brothers the week after Christmas (so super excited about this). This trip is when we will all celebrate Christmas together and the theme is home made gifts. Gifts of true thought...to which I am drawing another blank.

Help me, help me! And I know you can. I really know you can!

All this Christmas talk makes me want to go watch the movie "Elf".
And "Christmas Vacation".
And "White Christmas". Oh, oh, oh - I'm seeing the musical of this in November. Can't wait!
And "Miracle on 34th St.".

And I would really like to put in my request for snow as well.

Don't worry though, I'm not getting ahead of myself - I intend to thoroughly enjoy the crisp air of fall and fabulous football games! Ahhh...now until December truly is my favorite time of year!