Epic Birthday Weekend

this past sunday, i turned a whopping 32 years old. woot woot! i adore birthdays. i think that everyone should embrace them and celebrate their life. one day out of the year where you get to be celebrated is a fabulous thing, i think. this year, we threw together a last minute trip to the mountains and it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend. if you follow me on instagram, then you know full well that i absolutely blew up instagram with all my festivities!

the setting: north georgia mountains and lake (um, hello wonderful?) the weather was sheer perfection - 70 degrees. no rain. simply amazing. it was the first real fall weekend we've had and God designed it to happen on MY birthday - what a precious gift!

never leave home without a selfie stick kids. it'll make capturing the background SO much better. 

we ate some yummy mountain BBQ for lunch and shopped all through down town. we found some goodies for sure. then saturday night, we headed to the town drive-in movie. y'all, this was my first drive-in, and it was so much fun. i would seriously do it every weekend if i lived there!  


we packed some blankets in the back of the car and snuggled up to watch Transporter Refueled. while we intended to stay for the second movie, well, we are just too old to stay out that late. 10pm is about our limit these days.

sunday, on the descent home, we stopped at a popular pumpkin farm and loaded up a wheel barrel of pumpkins! i'm telling you, the weekend just got better and better.

we arrived home only to find that our yard had been flocked! it was hilarious - flamingos everywhere!

that evening we went to dinner with family and celebrated some more. sadly, i took no pictures of those festivities.  but seriously, this was the greatest birthday i've had in years. not that others have been bad. this one just was exceptionally wonderful!

32, you're shaping up to be something special.