Dirty Dolls - Let's Do This!

a couple of weeks ago i told you i was participating in the team pretty muddy 5k here in dallas (june 1st).
i want you to be part of my team!
i can't show up and be the only one on my team haha!
it's official. i'm all signed up and we've got a team.
wait for it....
Team Dirty Dolls! Yay!!!
So our race begins at 10am which would mean you'd need to be there by 9:15am.
good and early before it gets too hot, but not tooooo early.
AND if you register before the end of January, you'll get $20 off your registration price.
just use the promo code GIRLTIME
come on ladies, let's have some girl time, meet face to face and have a fun little bloggy outing!
tell your friends!!!! seriously, the more the merrier!
the race is girls only, but anyone you want can come cheer you on.
chris will definitely be there with camera in hand!
and i spoke with the founder last week and he assured me that it's for all fitness levels and not timed.
they really just wanted to create something awesome for girls to get out and do together.
i'm so excited i can hardly stand it.
and you know i'm envisioning dressing up for this.
tutus are a must ;) and maybe some crazy glittery false eye lashes. and pigtails. oh the options are amazing!
so, won't you join me?