Dating - Not So Boring Anymore

if you're like me, date night can become a bit predictable.
i know ours are.
you can bet on dinner and maybe shopping around or sometimes a movie.
i've been needing some excitement in this area for a while.
so imagine my excitement when i ran across THIS POST on wifessionals today!

alphabet dating.
you create a date based around a letter.
oh my, it sounds awesome! and it will be a link up starting in a couple of weeks.
you can go in whatever order you want, but i think chris and i will just go in alphabetical order.

i've already planned our "A" date.
it will be happening next week because i found a good deal, haha!
eeeek! it's gonna be epic!

so start planning now my bloggy friends. let's start a dating revolution!!!

and that's all i've got today folks!