D.C. - here we come!

Oh I am so excited! Only two and a half weeks til we leave for Washington, D.C.! We are so excited!!!!!!! Neither one of us have ever been. I just can't wait for all of the touristy photos!!! Today I did a little research on how to get around. I've definitely decided on the open top bus tour. We did one like that in NYC and it was awesome! I absolutely cannot wait! It's going to be so much fun and hopefully not too hot yet!
So, since we've never been, we'll take all of the advice you've got! We're definitely making a stop in Georgetown and definitely the Holocaust museum and natural history museum. I know there's way more than we can fit into our little stay there, but we'll cram as much as possible!
I don't have a whole lot to post today....just wanted to share my excitement!