STARTING::  the adoption process. y'all. it's so overwhelming.
READING::  A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller
WATCHING:: Summer TV is always depressing. So basically I've been watching a ridiculous amount of Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and HGTV
EATING::  nothing beats a Chuy's bean & cheese burrito
EXCITED:: this weekend HH Gregg had a fabulous sale on the stainless steel appliances we've been looking at, so we bought them and they'll be delivered this week!
TRYING:: Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee Recipe. I've got coffee for DAYS! I need to tweak the sweetening a bit, but overall, it's straight up strong coffee.
CELEBRATING:: getting our house put together (bedroom makeover, painting, kitchen)
CREATING:: a planter to go outside the front door
LISTENING::  Loving Florence + The Machine's new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
THANKING:: God for His many many blessings and always unfailing love
WAITING, WANTING, PLANNING, and DREAMING:: All of these were different, but if I'm being honest, all of these are the same answer for me currently. it's all about adoption...waiting to get the paperwork completed, wanting to jump right in even though we don't have the money, planning nursery decor, and dreaming of how our lives are going to look with a little one in the mix.

NEEDING:: to take my big ol' butt to the gym. immediately.

GOING::  to CHICAGO! My girlfriend Kelly and I are heading out in a couple of weeks for a girls weekend!

FEELING:: quite a mixture of things these days. pick an emotion out of a hat, and i'm probably feeling it.
FINISHING:: month end craziness at work; getting the house put together; this blog post.
(thanks Ryan for the idea!)