craft time!

it's no secret that i've been a depressed debbie and a crabby patty.
but sunday i decided to do a lil' crafting to help my funk.
and craft i did!!!
i have a new baby niece scheduled to arrive at the end of next month.
and i couldn't be more excited!!!
of course i've been buying everything in sight, but i felt she needed a little auntie homemade goodness.
so i made a banner for her room!
they are decorating in a yellow floral pattern and i found the most perfect burlap daisies at michaels the other day.
i already had some blank burlap tags just begging to be used, so i painted her name on them!
it was super easy.
materials needed: burlap tags (packs of 3 were $2 or $3 at hobby lobby), jute yarn, and clip on flowers.
i used a paint pen to stencil the letters.
i took a glue gun to double the width of the jute, then just hot glued each letter.
then clipped on the flowers and done!

i am so very pleased with how it turned out!
this could be dangerous....i could be making banners for every room and holiday/season now.
let the banner making begin!