i've already decided my word for 2015: COMMUNITY that's what my soul needs more than anything else in this coming year.

for 2014 my word was healthy - and well, that failed miserably.

but i'm ready for something successful. i've had glimpses of community in 2014, but not a consistent community. this word has been etched in my brain for months.

i want to set a nice table have have my "tribe" surround it. i want people that invest in me and help to fill me up, and that i can do the same for them. i want deep conversations filled with life and jesus; laughter and crying; happiness and mourning. i want emergency meet ups at starbucks; or just because meetups. i want something real, raw and authentic.

we were not meant to do this life alone. not at all.

i have been so in love with the new site that launched called The Carry Camp. it has done wonders for my heart just in it's few days of existence. you see, it's a place community for anyone dealing with infertility - whether its you, or someone you know. but this week's devotional so clearly spoke to what my heart has been feeling. the fact that this is a heavy load to carry, and sometimes, i just need a little help. here's a little snippet that i just loved on "sistering":

One of my favorite bloggers is Glennon Doyle Melton from Momastery. One of her recent-ish posts speaks to what we hope to accomplish here at Carry Camp.

There is a term in carpentry called Sistering. This is how one Momastery reader defines it:

Sometimes an existing joist, which was designed to handle a certain load, becomes too weak. Maybe it was damaged by water or fire. Maybe it still has structural integrity but an addition is being constructed and the new load is going to be a lot heavier than before. Either way, now it is not as sturdy as it needs to be.

When a builder needs to strengthen that joist, she puts a new member right next to the original one and fastens the two together. Sometimes, two new joists are needed- one on either side.

Do you know what they call that?

A Sister Joist.

sometimes, i need a sister joist...or two, or three. and that's what i really want my life to be about. being that extra needed joist for someone else, whose load is a little to heavy and they're a little too weak. being willing to be open and vulnerable to say "hey guys, i need a little help today. today the load is too too heavy."