birthday shenanigans

saturday, i turned 31. officially IN my thirties now. there's no going back.

i had a fabulous day saturday. i like it when my birthday falls on the weekend! chris and i got up early up early saturday morning and headed to our local farmers market. i love farmers markets more than most things in this world, so that's how i wanted to start the day. we grabbed some yummy locally made garlic bread and a couple of pints of muscadines. oh i adore muscadines! then we walked over to starbucks for my free birthday drink...which i promptly managed to spill all over me and UP my nose! yes, call me grace. but i made a full recovery!

next we headed to atlanta to hit up a few stores i had been wanting to visit. i had my birthday coupon for anthropologie, so of course i had to go there. finally got me an apron. it's fabulous. oh and i got the big daddy size candle of my favorite anthro scent, volcano.  there's also a new store called the merchant. oh my goodness, it is simply wonderful. there were about 999 things i needed wanted. i refrained and walked out with the cutest little vase and an awesome menu planner to hang on the fridge. and of course, not visit to the ATL would be complete without some love at ikea. needed a few organizational tools for the kitchen.

by this point we worked up an appetite, so we ventured over to the food truck park. best burger and fries we've had in a long time. yumm-o!

we went home and rested up for about an hour before heading to dinner with my inlaws. i go to this italian restaurant every year on my birthday, because 1) it's wonderful, 2) it's free on your birthday, and 3) i've been doing it for years and years.

after dinner, i still had a shopping itch, so we headed to world market where i absolutely, 100% fell in love head over heels with this ostrich.

hopeforthemoment.comi cannot tell you why i think this is so fabulous, but i absolutely do. they had a throw pillow and it took everything in my not to buy it. i settled for the coffee mug instead. like seriously, i think it's the most wonderful thing i've ever bought. what's wrong with me?

all in all, it was a fantastic weekend. happy birthday to me indeed!