beachin' is over.

We just got home from a very relaxing vacation in Destin, FL. It's pretty much our favorite beach-time destination. And we're oh so sad to be home already. This year's trip seemed to go by much faster than usual. We did a whole lot of nothing which was perfection.image1  

we read. we stared off into the ocean. we ate terribly. such goodness.

the best meal we had was bbq at buck's smokehouse. deliciousness in all the best ways.

what we didn't do was get into the ocean. so sad for my little heart, but there were just too many news stories about the flesh eating bacteria and i just couldn't risk losing a limb. screw the sharks - the bacteria is what gets ya! so i'm happy to say we returned home with all limbs in tact.

speaking of reading, i read Everything You Ever Wanted, by Jillian Lauren. It just came out this year and I ordered it as soon as it did, but held onto it for the beach. oh it was just perfection. i had heard from multiple sources that it was a must-read, and after reading it, i totally agree. it's a memoir about her adoption journey and it's not a Christian based book either. we all know i'm a lover of Jesus, but i was actually happy to read something from a perspective that didn't have a happy little Jesus bow tied up on it. i think sometimes we over romanticize adoption and there are some real ugly parts about it. and honestly, even after reading about some of the ugly parts, i think i'm more on board than ever. let's get these feet and hands dirty and go for it!

do you have any fun trips planned this summer? i want to know all about them! i've got a trip to chicago coming up in a few weeks and i'm so excited!