A New Way of Life

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before that Chris has been undergoing some medical treatment for stomach issues he's been having the past few years. Well, at this point, we're pretty sure he has a corn (this we already knew) AND gluten allergy. We'll know final results in a couple of weeks, but in the mean time, he's been instructed to stay away from both. Happy Thanksgiving to him! I'm really excited though because I have a few gluten free/corn free recipes I'm going to try over this holiday week and hopefully at least one will be a success! And of course, I'm going to come back and tell you all about it! A few items on the idea board are pecan pie bars, cinnamon rolls, and wild rice and mushroom casserole. It's definitely making us think SO much more about every single thing put in our mouths. Y'all, the FDA has approved some pretty nasty things! And when you realize how those things cause your body to react, it makes you not even miss what you're cutting out. Ok, let me rephrase...it makes it not quite as bad to cut it out.

This plus my oil endeavor is going to make the new year one that's pretty exciting. Hopefully I can get my hands wrapped around it all by January so 2015 can be a year like no other.