a new season.

currently, the hubs and i are embarking on a brand new life adventure. for the entire duration of our ten years together, chris has worked in ministry, either part time or full time. and for the first time, he's taking a break from it.

it seems so weird telling that to our friends and family. it's almost like saying it means we're turning our back on god, and well that couldn't be further from the truth. i like to think of it as an opportunity to do ministry differently. about seven years ago we took a big leap of faith and chris jumped into full time ministry. and here we are, almost exactly seven years later, and he's stepping out of it. it's a little surreal. but more than anything, it was something our family desperately needed. we needed some time to focus on us, as a couple, for a while. time that doesn't get interrupted by a 6am sunday morning wakeup call. time for us to spend holidays with our families. poor chris hasn't been to his large family christmas eve gathering in five years. and quite honestly, sometimes the very essence of Christ gets lost behind the office doors of a church. i know that's a super bold statement, but it is sadly true. we are all just human after all. some fancy church title doesn't make you suddenly the perfect leader.

this break is such a breath of fresh air and we feel completely at peace about it. trust me, there was lots of prayer over this.

that prayer turned into an awesome job opportunity for me. and opportunity that would bring us home - a place we had been missing greatly. and that then turned into an amazing opportunity for chris.

god has absolutely blown my socks off in this whole transition. his provision and detail has been unparalleled.

honestly, i am so very excited about this new chapter. there are times i feel guilty when i say that, but i know there is nothing to feel guilty about. it's kind of weird because in many ways it seems chris is stepping out and i am stepping into the ministry realm. you see, jesus is in our blood. it's how chris and i met - through ministry. so to think that our lives would ever function without it would be crazy. it's just that now, ministry is taking on a new shape, and if i'm being honest, i feel like our ministry as a family is going to be more authentic than ever before. more intentional. more freedom. just...more.