a little this, a little that

  • the new mumford and sons album...you need it. so good. i love them - even if they have ditched the banjo. and while we're talking music, i'm counting down the days for the release of the new UNITED and Florence + the Machine albums. and speaking of music, i just discovered a new radio station in atlanta that has made me oh so happy. chris and i listen to more alternative music than pop or country, and now we have a new station that plays our faves. holla!
  • i learned a fabulous trick to make your own BB cream. i used it this weekend when i didn't want to wear a heavy load of makeup and just even everything out a little. all you do is mix a little of your moisturizer with a little of your foundation. bam. tinted moisturizer - in YOUR color and with the products you ALREADY use. you're welcome.
  • elastic headbands. i now love them. i know they've been around a while, but seriously, i learned the coolest trick with them and i'm obsessed. it deserves it's own post, which will come, but basically you put it over your hair and then tuck all of your hair into the back. it's fantabulous. hair off neck while looking cuter than a regular old pony tail. yes!
  • homemade chocolate syrup. since chris has so many stomach issues (and corn is something that directly bothers him) we read all the labels these days. i made the enlightening mistake of reading the ingredients to Hershey's chocolate syrup which is basically all corn syrup (so is your pancake syrup if you care). gross. this caused the biggest problem because i LOVE chocolate milk. so i bought ovaltine powder, and it's been fine. not the same, but fine. then i discovered i could make my own chocolate syrup sans corn. what?! 1.5 cup sugar, 1.5 cup water, 1 cup cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon vanilla. bring first 3 to a simmer, take off the heat add in the vanilla. voila. delicious. and it'll keep for a month or so. my excitement on this is unprecedented.
  • and i leave you with this. mother's day wasn't so awful this year. we hung out at my inlaws all day and had a lovely time of mac + cheese, mikes hard lemonade and quality time. my MIL and SIL both had april birthdays and their gift from us was a trip to the nail salon. so we found a place that was open on sunday and they cashed in...pedis and manis...that's a great way to end the day. but on our way, oh on our way, i participated in my first ever chinese fire drill. it went down like this:

Ma: "Lauren is your phone on?"

Me: "yes"

Ma: "Can you turn on the video?"

Me: "ok, what am i videoing?"


Me: hysterical laughter while running around the car. get to drivers seat and can't figure out how to move the seat up so i can reach the peddles. "OMG i can't reach the peddles"

Ma: "Fire drill again!"

Me: hysterical laughter. running around again.

Sister: sitting in the back seat completely confused at what was happening.

it was epic and definitely something i'll remember for always. #family

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