A for Effort

we've been in our new house since march and i'm the lovely blogger that has yet to share any photos of it. for shame. so, by memorial day weekend, i was feeling guilty that i had not shown you our "before" pics. and i cleaned all the rooms and took some photos for the ol' blog. i was so proud of myself and so excited to show you.

as you are well aware, there has not been a post about said house. because somehow in a mad dash to clean before company came over, i have lost the card with all the photos. seriously.

unfortunately you'll just have to keep waiting until i locate the goods. i mean i know you are all just putting your lives on hold until you see my house. oh that's funny.

in other news, next week we're taking our happy little tails to the beach. let us pause and praise Him. pretty emerald ocean, white sands, a giant pool, and me rolling around in all of it just sounds lovely. oh and let's add some umbrella drinks to the list as well. i got me a cute new bathing suit from Target and the best rolling cooler from Home Goods. and i have also laid out a ridiculous stack of books that i want to read all in these 4 days at the beach. i'll get through 1 or 2, but not the 10 i have sitting out.

hopefully i'll come home all refreshed and full of new blog goodness for you, because let's face it, the well has been pretty dry for the past few months.

do you have any fun vacation plans coming up? tell me tell me!