5 Days of Awesome People - Day 4


These ladies - I tell ya, they're HIlarious. Like laugh out loud funny. I've run across their blogs several times throughout the years of my blogging journey and every single time, I'm so glad I did. Who am I talking about? Only  Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson...aka The Big Mama and Boo Mama.  See - you can love Jesus and be funny!

In December 2013 I read and blogged about Sophie's book and how much I adored it. She now has a new book out that is on my must read list asap!

Melanie also has a new book out that is on the top of my list as well! It's about friendship and I've blogged many a time about my need for community.

But if you're more of an "i like to hear it" kind of person, then oh my word, you've got to listen to their podcast. The Big Boo Podcast. It is by far my newest favorite obsession. These ladies talk about a whole bunch of nothingness that is absolute perfection in my book. I adore it, really I do.

These ladies are fairly new to my list of awesomeness, so I'm excited to become a little more devoted of a follower.

We've got one more post left in the series! Seriously y'all, tell me who you love. Finding new peeps to follow make me extremely happy!