5 Days of Awesome People - Day 3

image1 Day 3: Jamie Ivey and Jen Hatmaker 

Y'all, as I got into this series, I decided I would have to double up. There are just more than 5 that I need to share!

So a week or so ago, I stumbled upon Jamie Ivey. I honestly don't remember how - but I did.


And about that time I discovered her  Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey - Podcast. She had included episodes with lots of people I adore, so I downloaded about a million of them and proceeded to binge listen on my drive to/from Savannah last weekend. It made my drive a breeze and this quite possible could be my favorite podcast right now. Honestly, it's like sitting at a table with your girlfriends talking about any and every thing. LOVE! And then throw in the fact that she's an adoptive mom and I'm sold. But what makes her even better? Oh just the little note that she's friends with my beloved Jen Hatmaker and they have a SUPPER CLUB together. What?!?! Why don't I live in Austin and know these ladies?


Speaking of Jen Hatmaker, she's also on today's list of awesomeness. Y'all, she's hilarious. Do you follow her on facebook? Like laugh out loud hilarious. Her books are awesome, her speaking is phenomenal. AND she had a show on HGTV (My Big Family Renovation). Be still my heart.

Wanna know what else is great about them? They love Jesus. Amen.

Now go check them out for yourselves. You can thank me later.

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