5 Days of Awesome People: Day 1

image1 it's summer time, and i thought we needed to have a little summer fun here! today is the beginning of a 5-part series on people i think are awesome, and that i think you would love too. each post i'll shine the spotlight on a particular person that i'm following (blog, podcast, etc), tell you why i love them so, and give you everything you need to stalk follow them too! the truth is, i'm always looking for new people to follow and learn from, so i figure i can't be alone out there in that. without further ado, let's get to my first awesome person...



y'all, i just love her to pieces. she's an author and a speaker. one of my all time favorite books is Bread & Wine, which she wrote. it changed my life and i simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. she also wrote Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet (both of which I own as well). Bittersweet was phenomenal as well - maybe because it was like looking into my heart. I haven't read Cold Tangerines yet, but it's on the list for this summer.

one of my favorite podcasts is The Relevant Podcast, and she helps to host it every once in a while. and she's involved in my little IF:Gathering obsession. i currently have her newest book, a devotional called Savor. pretty much anything she produces i will consume. it's that simple. there's something about her that just resonates with my soul and i love everything about her. gosh, sounds like i know her personally, huh? i should probably note that i do not personally know any of the "awesome people" i'll be telling you about. however, they all are fabulous women of God that have challenged and helped to develop my walk with God. so there.

so go click on some links, and then when you get there, click on some more. i want you to love her too!