2015 - I'm Coming For Ya!

y'all, i have never been so excited for a new year. 2015

ok, i'm pretty sure i say that every year lol. however, for once, 2014 was a year not filled with terrible things, so it's a good thing. i've got about a million things launching in january, which technically probably means i'll fail, but they all kind of intermingle, so it's necessary.

i have spent some time working on goals for the year, but what i'm focusing on for now is just january. one month at a time. so...i'm gonna share january with you. and if you think you might want to join the fun on anything, please let me know. i mean come on, i've already told you my word for 2015 is community, so why not get a head start on it right?!


  • Whole30 - eating 100% whole foods (think Paleo diet) for 30 days. it's a bit of a body reset. i'm doing this with one of my Texas blog friends, Ryan. She's fabulous, so her blog is worth a read even if you're not going all caveman with us. and yes, i have been feasting on everything i'm not able to have starting thursday. (you should definitely pray for chris while i'm doing this...anything that takes bread from me causes tears. i'm serious - i cry over food. me and bread...well, we have a volatile relationship).
  • My Healthy Day Challenge - as i've mentioned, i joined the young living bandwagon. i really do love it. my young living group is hosting a bit of a get healthy challenge. since i'm already doing the whole30 starting january 1, i thought, why not? just another group of accountability and ways to insert my oils into this journey of health. i joined the gym months ago and have been twice, so it's time to put that money to work. (let me know if you ever want more info on the oils....i've got you covered).
  • SheReadsTruth 365 - i have professed my love for She Reads Truth for years now. starting thursday, they're launching a bible in a year plan. so...if you haven't downloaded the app, you should. fine tuning my time with God is a big goal for 2015, so this should help get me in a routine.
  • we're heading to the info class at church and signing up for a small group. this is step 1 for community this year.