16 til 16

after a weekend of a whole lot of nothing, i'm ready to get moving. i'm working really hard to enjoy the down time because i know as soon as we have a little one in the house, there will be no such thing for quite a while. remember last week when i professed my love for the chocolate cream pie? well, we went again this weekend for a slice AND we tried the apple pie. i hate apple pie, but oh my word, this was the most delicious thing i've ever placed in my mouth. amazing. scrumptious. sinful.

of course after indulging like that, we simply couldn't move afterward. so we did a movie night in. and then we were feeling especially lazy on sunday, so after church and lunch we came home, and i indulged in a season of gilmore girls. it's my new thing. i'm obsessed. i literally sat in the recliner ALL afternoon. it was a fat and happy kind of weekend.

come monday, however, i'm ready for something more than sitting around. did you know there are 16 weeks left in 2015? i saw on the today show that they are doing a get fit challenge called 16 til 16. i though this was a fabulous idea. if i set a goal of losing 2.5 pounds a week, then that would be 40 pounds lost by the start of 2016! i've done some meal planning this morning, gym schedule planning, and i'm ready. i lost 40 pounds a few years ago and it really wasn't that difficult once i got in the zone. now, i just need to get back to the zone. i swore my thirties were going to be different and here i am, two weeks away from my 32nd birthday and my waistline hasn't changed.

i think the goal here is to look at it differently. i'm not after a bikini body or a modeling contract. i'm 5'1, who are we kidding. i'm really just wanting to feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. i go through waves of this, and there are some tell-tell signs that arise when my self-image isn't in a good place. right now, all my signals are blinking in overload. that's when i know it's time to reset, refocus, and get back on track.

consider this my public proclamation of a change in the works.