over the last few weeks, i have happened upon some pretty awesome things that i think you should check out as well. i'm a giver y'all. a giver. i cannot simply keep these great things to myself. 1. Curly Hair - this is a hysterical list of issues that us curly heads have to deal with. it's spot on.

2. Big Girl Yoga - an awesome article by a plus-sized yoga instructor. love every word of it.

3. Pivot Pillow - i grew up watching Friends. it was by far one of the greatest shows ever on television. The episode with ross and chandler moving the couch is quite possibly my favorite. Pivot. Pivot. well wouldn't you know some awesome company made a pillow of it? sure did. and i'm gonna need it.

4. Colbie Caillat - by now you may have seen this awesome song/video/article by Colbie Caillat telling girls that we are beautiful as is and we shouldn't "try" so hard to fit in. i simply adore it all. ADORE it.

5. Stop Avoiding Photos - lastly, this is an article I wrote for Curvy Moi on why you should stop avoiding photos of yourself. read it.

now, your monday can be awesome.