If you've been around these parts for a while, then you know we are in the process of adopting. Yay! If you're new here, let me give you the short version:

Basically, we've been trying to have a baby for over 10 years. God has led us to the beautifully scary road of adoption and we couldn't be more excited to see what He has in store for us. However, we know that we cannot do this alone. You've heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child". Well for us, we need the village to help us even get the child!

We desperately need your prayers and encouragement through this adventure. Specifically, could you pray for:

  • our future birth mom, whomever she may be. we know that our greatest joy will come from her greatest grief.
  • finances - it takes an awful lot of money to complete an adoption and we just don't have that kind of money in the bank
  • for God to be glorified in every aspect of this journey

And lastly, if you feel led to do so, we have a donation page setup (look for the Go Fund Me button on the right sidebar --> ). Every cent helps! We also have an adoption puzzle fundraiser. We have had a puzzle printed that says "Love you to the moon and back". For every puzzle piece purchased ($50), we will write your name and a message on the back of the puzzle piece. The puzzle, once completed, will be hung in our baby's nursery so that he/she will always know how much he/she was loved before ever arriving in our home. A tangible "village", so to speak.

Chris and I will forever be indebted to every one who throws up a prayer or throws us a few dollars. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.